How to prevent water bungalowing from ruining your home

A bungalowed house in Bangkok that has been built over an open-air swimming pool is set to get a new lease of life.

The building, which was purchased for $4.7m by the owners of a bungalower in the city’s west, was demolished by the Thai government in January.

It was replaced by a three-bedroom house that has a garden, a balcony, a swimming pool and a pool area.

“This bungalOW is set up for all the families in Bangkok and all of Thailand to come here and have fun, it is the perfect place to relax,” owner Charnon Sivaprabhaman told the Associated Press.

“It is very relaxing.”

But the new owner is hoping to raise more money to renovate the house.

“It will be a very special place to live, because we can now live in a new environment,” said Mr Sivamprakhaman.

“The pool will be open and the water will be nice and fresh.

It is also a beautiful place to have your own backyard.”

But Mr Srivamprakraman said he had already had problems with the house because it was too small for his children to walk to and from school.

“There are no stairs to get to the water,” he said.

“I wanted to put up a balcony for my children, but they can’t climb the stairs to the pool.”

“I am hoping the new owners of the bungalowers will also make this a swimming and garden area, and not just a water bung,” he added.

“If this happens to one of my bungaloodos, it could be very damaging.”

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