How to get your own bungaloo in Italy

For years, Italians have been calling for a change in how they live in their own houses, especially after a recent wave of fires in the country.

Now, thanks to a program run by the National Association for Bungalows in Italy, residents of the country can live in a house for only the price of their own homes.

The program is run by Bungalow Network, a nonprofit organization that helps improve the quality of life in Italy and other European countries.

Its aim is to provide “a simple and affordable solution for Italian families who have already bought a home, and want to take advantage of a cheaper, better and more reliable option.” 

Its members have paid $3,000 to $10,000 for their bungaloos, and there are no additional costs. 

For instance, if the property is worth between $50,000 and $100,000, the cost is $500 per month.

Bungalowing is legal in Italy but has long been a controversial practice.

In recent years, the country’s conservative party has been pushing for changes, including banning it entirely.

In March, the government passed a law making it illegal to rent a bungalower to a foreigner for less than 30 days. 

But for some residents, the program has been a life-saver. 

“I live in the mountains and have been for the last 10 years,” said Maria Elena, a 24-year-old artist living in Rome.

“My parents bought a bungelow and it is now almost impossible to live in my own apartment without paying more.”

For the past few years, I have been living in my parents’ bungalown and it has been very difficult to rent my own place.

I think I could live with them again, if they could not afford to live there, she said.

“They would need a loan to pay for a bungladeen and I have always been afraid of that,” she added.

“There are some people who have had to live at their home for many years.

For them it is a very simple and cheaper solution.

For others it is not as easy as it used to be,” she said, referring to Italians who rent for years in order to pay down their debts. 

 “The problem is that the number of people who are moving from their homes in the city is increasing,” said Carlo Di Natale, head of Bungalowing Network.

“The number of households with a bungle is increasing and the amount of money they need to pay in rent is increasing, so people are trying to sell their houses in order for them to afford the change.”

“Bunglowing is a necessary change, and we are hoping it will be implemented in all parts of Italy,” Di Natal said.

“But there are still a lot of people in Italy who are not convinced that the program will work and the people who sign up for it may end up living in the same house for many more years.” 

For Giuseppe Giorgi, a writer living in Italy’s southern Adige region, the programs is “a very good solution” for people who cannot afford to rent.

“I’ve lived in a bungled house for about three years, and my house is now worth a bit more than $200,000,” he said. 

Giuseppe is now working on a book about the bungalowing process.

“In order to live cheaply, a bungala is not necessary.

But it is better than nothing, especially for the poor,” he added. 

Italian politicians, too, have voiced their support for the program. 

President Giorgio Napolitano said in January that he would like to see more bungalowed houses built. 

On February 2, the Italian government unveiled a proposal to set up an online program to make it easier for people to buy their own bungals.

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