How to fix sandals on the cheap

New guidelines are urging men to avoid buying a pair of sandals because they can be expensive and cause the feet to rub and itch.

Sandals, while fashionable, can also be expensive, and many men are reluctant to buy them.

The recommendations are aimed at reducing the number of men who buy a pair every year, according to the World Health Organization.

“We need to encourage more men to get involved in purchasing a pair,” says Dr. Tamsin Nisar, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

“If you’re buying a sandal you’re not going to see the benefits of it,” says Nisbald.

The WHO has developed guidelines for men to follow, recommending buying a few pairs of sandal for each day of the week.

It recommends buying two pairs for men’s weekends, one pair for men who are travelling and one pair in case the temperature gets too hot or humid.

It also advises men to buy sandals when they go on vacation, especially if it’s a holiday.

“It’s important to remember that sandals can also cause discomfort,” says the WHO’s Dr. Michael E. Mann.

Sandal sales are up in the US, Australia, the UK and the European Union, according for a period last year.

According to the WHO, “the most common reasons for men not purchasing sandals are because of discomfort, wear, and other perceived reasons.”

The company behind the sandal, Sockaway, is taking steps to make the product more appealing to men.

In a recent video, the company released a marketing campaign that focuses on men’s preferences.

The ads feature men wearing sandals and have them stand on a table with a variety of items ranging from shoes and socks to hats and scarves.

The company is also making sandals available for men of different ages.

The ad is aimed at men ages 18 to 25, and it features a young man in a yellow sandal with his hands crossed in front of his head, and the message “I have the sandals for every occasion.”

“I just wanted to give men a little more insight into what makes them tick,” says Sockaways co-founder Alex Stacey.

“They are not just for the weekend.

They are also a great way to show off the look you have.”

The campaign was shot by the company’s brand manager, Ryan Kastelnicki.

It is a campaign with a lot of “funny” references.

“This is a brand that we’ve been following for a long time,” says Kastelli.

“As the brand continues to grow, we’re trying to make sure we keep that quality and that fun vibe going.”

Kastelski is proud of the campaign, and says it is a “great way to reach a broader audience.”

“It gives a little bit of humor to the brand,” he says.

“I like to think that people are just laughing at this product.

It’s a very funny marketing campaign.

It kind of makes me chuckle.”

It’s not just men buying sandals that have raised eyebrows.

In the US and in Australia, sandals have been a hot topic, and men are asking women to cover them.

Earlier this month, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) received more than 150 complaints about women’s sandals.

It has taken action to address the complaints.

In August, the ACCC said it would ban women’s “sporty” sandals, which include flip-flops and sandals in the same color as their socks.

The commission also said it is considering banning sandals made of nylon or polyester.

The new rules are aimed to help curb the sales of sanders that may not be appropriate for women.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission says it will ban sandals from September 19.

The agency said it will investigate complaints of “inappropriate sandal wearing” and will issue a formal notice to a company to explain why a sandals item is inappropriate.

The rules are part of a broader push by the Australian government to cut the cost of goods and services in the country.

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