When is Keiki Beach Bungalows on the market?

On the beach on the south of Ireland, the Kiki Beach bungalow complex sits in the middle of a secluded area where the sea meets the Irish coastline.

It is one of the largest private estates in Ireland, which makes it an ideal location for a beach holiday.

This year, however, Keiki’s owner has decided to close it down for good.

This year, the property is selling for just €1.7m, which means that the bungalowing is one bedroom and three bathrooms, according to the Irish Times.

This is down from the previous record sale price of €2.5m last year.

But that’s not all that’s changing.

In the next few months, Keikis owner, who is now 50, will be moving out and moving into a new home in the US, where he will live with his wife and three children. 

The owners will be able to pay their bills from their new home, and that means that they will be out of pocket for most of the year.

The family have been on the beach for more than 40 years, and this year is no different.

The estate is one part of the larger Kiki beach complex which is the site of a major renovation.

The family have lived there since 1993.

The Kiki property has been renovated by the owners for the new home.

In addition to a kitchen and bathrooms, there is also a gym, pool and a sauna.

The property has a beautiful coastline which stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The property has more than 2,000 guest rooms and 1,800 rooms in the private club.

There are also more than 50 suites and villas, and the beachfront estate also boasts of a spa and spa pools.

When will Keiki beach become available again?

It is unclear exactly when the estate will be open again, but it is possible that the owners will reopen the property, and its bungalowers will be back on the estate.

“We are looking at our options for the future and our plans for the property,” the property’s owner said.

It is not the first time that the Keiki property, which is a former shipping company, has been closed.

In 2013, the owners closed it down.

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