How to buy a cottage in Florida for under $400

Buying a home in Florida is a big step down the road but you can save big on your property taxes by buying a cottage.

It’s a lot cheaper than buying a home outright, but it’s still a great way to build up a home you can sell if you get rich on the property.

Here are the steps to make it happen.


Choose the right size and style 2.

Choose a nice location and be sure it has a well-kept yard 3.

Have a good pool and water 4.

Set up your foundation 5.

Make sure it’s surrounded by nice trees and bushes 6.

Add a fireplace 7.

Find a good swimming hole 8.

Fill your backyard with fresh produce 9.

Make your garden a wonderful destination 10.

Set your kitchen and bathroom as your living areas 11.

Set the floor of your living room to the highest level you can get away with 12.

Make a great dining area 13.

Create a perfect backyard 14.

Make the house your own 15.

Keep it beautiful 16.

Find an area with lots of trees 17.

Make it a home away from home 18.

Make an open space with lots to explore 19.

Add your own patio 20.

Set an open yard for your dog 21.

Make all your living space areas accessible to children 22.

Choose an area for children to play 23.

Add an outdoor seating area for your pets 24.

Find places to enjoy nature 25.

Add some gardens to the backyard 26.

Add outdoor seating for your dogs 27.

Make yourself a home fitness coach 28.

Buy a pool, poolside showers, and more!


Make use of your own landscaping and create your own gardens 30.

Find and buy a large pool for your backyard 31.

Get rid of your house’s garbage collection system 32.

Find some nice trees for your garden 33.

Set some beautiful landscaping in your yard 34.

Create an outdoor patio for your house 35.

Find the best spot for your car 36.

Get a private garage 37.

Add indoor plumbing in your garage 38.

Find all the extra space you can for your children 39.

Add more bedrooms, a shower, and a kitchen to your house 40.

Make some extra space for your kids and family 41.

Make room for your baby 42.

Set all your windows and doors at least 12 inches high.


Add stairs to your front door 44.

Set a window for your windows 45.

Create and decorate your kitchen 46.

Set outdoor seating and make it a place to enjoy your yard 47.

Make space for the pets 48.

Add space for storage for your items 49.

Set back windows and door frames for your yard 50.

Add storage for all your furniture 51.

Add natural light for your living area 52.

Add shelves to your living and dining areas 53.

Add doors and windows to your garage 54.

Create outdoor seating areas for your home 55.

Add landscaping for your front yard 56.

Create or purchase a new outdoor space 57.

Make indoor plumbing accessible to the children 58.

Add new natural light in your home 59.

Set off the windows to open up your front porch 60.

Add windows for your garage 61.

Make outdoor lighting available to your family 62.

Add extra storage for items in your house 63.

Add trees to your backyard 64.

Add lighting to your windows 65.

Add another bedroom in your backyard 66.

Add or purchase some nice curtains 67.

Add fireplaces to your new living space 68.

Set or purchase an indoor sprinkler system 69.

Set fireplaces for your fireplace 70.

Set windows for the backyard 71.

Set in your back yard 72.

Add bookshelves to your bedroom 73.

Add walls to your yard 74.

Add additional storage for belongings 75.

Add the space you need for your animals 76.

Add tables, chairs, and chairs to your kitchen 77.

Add window sills to your dining room 78.

Add furniture for your kitchen 79.

Add patio furniture to your patio 80.

Add chairs to the dining room 81.

Add side tables to your main living room 82.

Add bookcases to your room 83.

Add shelf space for shelves 84.

Add cabinets for shelves 85.

Add fireplace grills to the kitchen 86.

Add door storage for the dining area 87.

Add decorative shelves for your dining area 88.

Add vanity for the living room 89.

Add wood planters to your master bedroom 90.

Add wall planters for the master bedroom 91.

Add kitchen cabinets to the master bathroom 92.

Add hardwood floors to your home 93.

Add flooring for the front of your home 94.

Add carpeting to your basement 95.

Add any furniture you may need 96.

Add curtains to your balcony 97.

Add light to your closet 98.

Add ceiling fans to your attic 99.

Add duct work to your roof 100.

Add all of your furniture, decorations, and decorations you may want to decorate 101

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