What’s the best room to live in? Here’s a guide to the best places to live

Bungalow roses are everywhere these days, and there are lots of different kinds to choose from.

But there’s no denying that one of the best things about living in a home is its natural beauty.

From rustic-style Victorian bedrooms to cozy master-bedroom units, we’ve got you covered with the top five best places in town to live.1.

The Rose Hill Estate by The RoseHill1.

Rose Hill, Perth1.

A Rose Hill Rose garden at The Rosehill estate, which is just minutes from Perth’s CBD.2.

A house overlooking the Rose Hill estate with an outdoor swimming pool.3.

The iconic Rose Hill rose garden at Rose Hill Park.4.

RoseHill.org.auThe RoseHill estate in the heart of Perth’s north-west is a gorgeous, charming property with a stunning, landscaped rose garden.

There are also beautiful swimming pools, a gym and plenty of amenities for those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

There’s also a lovely rooftop terrace overlooking the city.

The estate has an expansive terrace with views over the river, a rooftop garden with terraces, an infinity pool, and a terrace terrace.

This property is also the perfect location for a holiday or weekend getaway with its spacious grounds, terraces and infinity pool.

The property is just a short walk from the CBD.

The Rose Hill is also close to the CBD, with convenient access to the Central Business District and the new University of Perth.

It’s close to a train station, so you can easily get there and back.

The property also has a large open-plan living room, kitchen and living area.

There is also an amazing terrace garden overlooking the river.

The home has an outdoor pool, a full kitchen and outdoor living area, as well as a terracotta kitchen, an expansive backyard and a large terrace on the main floor.

The family’s upstairs suite is a stunning lounge area with an infinity and swimming pool overlooking the backyard and terrace pool.

It is perfect for those wanting to unwind and relax.

A modern design house at TheRoseHill estate is ideal for anyone looking for a unique and modern home.

The house features a beautiful terrace surrounded by a pool, an amazing swimming pool, two swimming pools and an infinity bath.

The owner also has an indoor pool and spa.

The entire house is finished with a huge terrace, a swimming pool and a gorgeous garden.

The owners kitchen and lounge features an indoor and outdoor pool and outdoor swimming pools.

The terrace is also covered with an incredible infinity and sun terraces.

The pool is lined with a large deck with a fantastic view of the river and the city below.

The owner has also added a beautiful, contemporary, two-storey living area with a terraced kitchen and dining room, a terracing garden with a pool and pool terrace and an amazing infinity pool and sun bath.

This home is located right on the waterfront and is the perfect place to relax on a lazy summer’s day.


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