Hawaii bungalowing offers stunning views, Hawaii vacationers tell ESPN

HAWAII — It’s a quiet, almost tranquil spot on a quiet beach.

But the quiet is punctuated by the sound of a jet engine and the sound that comes with the smell of a freshly washed dishwashing detergent.

It’s what a couple of people who live on the property called home for two years, a bungalower on Kauai’s iconic Waikiki Beach.

They were staying in the bunghouse during the heat wave.

The couple and a friend had rented the property from a local developer who has since been bought out by a family member.

The developer told the couple he was renting it out to other families and it was going to be the same as it was when it was a bunghouse.

But when the new owner came to take it over in May, they were told the bung house would be completely renovated and that they would be able to stay there.

“It was really heartbreaking,” said Julie, a Waikili resident.

“I was just hoping it would be different and that we could have something we could call our own and just go for it.”

So when they found out the next day that the property had been sold, they called their neighbors and were told it was an island bungalOWHAII BEACHBANKHOUSINGBungalows, like the one pictured, have been popular vacation rentals for decades.

They offer a quiet environment, and can offer breathtaking views.

And that’s where the owner and his wife got a shock.

“They were so sad,” Julie said.

“I mean, I’m sure it’s not going to end well, but I’m glad it’s over.”

They were told they would no longer be able stay there and the next tenant would be offered the bung.

But it wasn’t just that the couple had left.

The bungalowed property is on a small island, but the owners say they could have a bigger home if they needed to.

“This is a real community, it’s a beautiful beach, there’s no reason we couldn’t do it,” Julie explained.

“So I was happy to see this happen, and we’re very happy to have a new home here.”

The couple says the new tenant who was offered the property is still paying their rent.

And they hope that someone will buy it and they’ll get the chance to live on their own again.

“My family would really love to have the property again,” Julie added.

“They have had a few owners, but nothing has happened, and they’re trying to find someone who will buy this property.

We’ve had people ask us about buying it, but it’s just so expensive right now.”

Hawaii has some of the world’s best bungalowers, and the family who owned the property say it was only fitting that the new owners would be in the right place at the right time.

“We always knew that this property was going into this process,” Julie continued.

“We’re happy to know it’s going to get the renovation that it needs, and hopefully one day it’ll be able the house is actually our home.”

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